It comes with a great knowing that the lock down prescribed by President Ramaphosa is the right thing to do. As a family we support these efforts and will be closing operations from COB Thursday 26th March – 16th April therefore giving our staff the right to be in their homes (with full pay) and so collectively we can flatten the curve.

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  • Use Alcohol Hand Sanitisers Responsibly

    Use Alcohol Hand Sanitisers Responsibly

    Africology is deeply committed to the health and wellbeing of the entire body, not just the skin, and my extensive research of the best possible protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus required understanding exactly what we need to protect ourselves from – and how. From considering the air we breathe to every surface that we touch, it's vitally important to understand how this virus makes its way into our bodies, and to choose a sanitising formulation that contains the most effective actives to help stop the outbreak in its tracks.

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  • The Resting Mother: Africology and Sleep

    The Resting Mother: Africology and Sleep

    The expectant mother is always warned about the sleepless nights that come after baby arrives – the crying, the constant feeding. There are no surprises there, but what about before the bundle of joy even gets home?

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  • Vitamin A, Africology and Pregnancy

    Vitamin A, Africology and Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a beautiful time, and being a grandmother myself with both my daughters using Africology products during their pregnancies, I am deeply aware of the importance of clean formulation. It is my intention, when selecting ingredients, to be mindful of what is important during the development stages, and how Africology can support the correct and beautiful formation of the child, from embryo right through to birth. 

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness

    Breast Cancer Awareness

    Nature, the environment and our emotional health are all delicately linked and together, they have a profound effect on our human biology. This month is such an important reminder of this powerful interplay and breast health awareness not only calls for a conscious recognition of your innate physical wisdom, but also to honour and celebrate the natural beauty of your body — emotionally and spiritually.

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