Once we become conscious of the profound impact of compassion, kindness and generosity, we are empowered to transform the lives of those around us – and our own.

Acts of kindness

During my own personal journey, the words of Caroline Myss have often provided me with great wisdom and moments of deep insight – just when I needed it most. Reading Invisible Acts of Power – her bestselling book about spiritual gifts and empowerment – many years ago, was an eye-opener, and it illuminated how kind, compassionate and generous actions allow us to become conduits of sacred blessings. Calling them invisible acts of power, she describes beautifully how they enable us to pave the way for miracles; big and small. 

At the time, my world was far more immersed in fear than the peace I so desperately yearned for. Divorced with 4 young children struggling to make ends meet, I  reminded myself frequently that I had to make a choice. I could either stay stuck in the past, the fear of where the next meal will come from,  or mindfully embrace the present with positive, soulful processes. It was as if every page in her book resonated with this shift, inspiring me on my own journey into an elevated sense of consciousness. Healing takes courage but the job must be done; the thought of it alone daunting and the effort to do so is enormous. By investing my energy instead in acts of kindness I reminded myself that this was a better choice than being stuck. 

Yet once you embark on this journey of discovery, you soon learn that you’re able to connect with kindness in an infinite number of ways. Starting small and gradually gaining a deeper sense of consciousness; it’s a path of transformation that enriches your own and others’ lives. 

The foundations of my process to be present in the now, included daily meditation, and it became a powerful way to detach from the enormous amount of stress I faced every day. These moments of quiet contemplation allowed me to return to the world with a heart that was ready to gift others with the grace I experienced during my sacred moments in meditation.  

As Myss so eloquently explains in her book, when we act compassionately – without any agenda or expectation of credit or reward – the universe works invisibly through us. And moving from visible acts – such as giving a friend a helping hand, to invisible acts – such as sending someone a thought of love, prayer or participate in self-care rituals which leads to meaningful personal empowerment.

It became a soulful expression for me to create mindfully blended, homemade skincare products – and then share them as gifts filled with love. Counting my blessings became my motivation to stay tuned to possibilities, rather than staying stuck in challenges. I still vividly remember how I created Aura-Sprays with beautiful essential oils all the whilst holding a deep intention of doing good and then gifting these creations.

“I want everyone to truly experience and feel the invisible yet utterly profound power of sacredness.”

- Renchia Droganis, Founder & CEO