• Alcohols and Africology

    Alcohols and Africology

    There are so many ingredients used in the cosmetics industry that it seems almost impossible to keep track of them. From animal derivatives to microplastics, consumers are rightfully concerned about what we are putting on our skin.

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  • The Value of Vitamin C

    The Value of Vitamin C

    At Africology, we love using vitamin C in our skin formulations, and especially in our Vitamin Booster Serum. We use a potent, hyper-nourishing extract, which our users can smell the moment our serum is applied to the skin. By using a natural extract, our serum is easily absorbed into the dermis

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  • The Resting Mother: Africology and Sleep

    The Resting Mother: Africology and Sleep

    The expectant mother is always warned about the sleepless nights that come after baby arrives – the crying, the constant feeding. There are no surprises there, but what about before the bundle of joy even gets home?

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  • Sleep has the ability to heal

    Sleep has the ability to heal

    These days, not sleeping is a badge of honour. Executives boast of how they get by on three hours of sleep, and there are entire industries dedicated to keeping us all awake. Between smart phones, energy drinks and streaming entertainment, there is so much that entices us to skip out on sleep.

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  • Our Sustainable Palm Oil

    Our Sustainable Palm Oil

    All Africology palm oil is sourced from sustainable and ethical resources under the auspices of RSPO and ISEAL. We use it in place of animal-derived fats to safely emulsify and thicken our soaps, both liquid and solid.

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