Africology UK

Africology is South Africa’s leading skincare and lifestyle brand and is embarking on a new journey by launching its latest home at You Boutique in historic Friar Street, Worcester.

Under the guidance of Judy Owen, who has many years experience in natural organic beauty, you will be assured of expert help and advice on these unique products.

Step in and experience a world of pure and natural ingredients infused with love and divine intention.  Formulations enhanced with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are bio-identical to your biology. 

When we activate the power of smell, we induce positivity and it is the intention to nurture the mind, empower the spirit and create a sense of happiness. No matter where in the world you are, there is a little Africa within you. It is that place in your soul that yearns for nurturing, self-acceptance, love and healing.  


Tuesday – Friday                     10am - 4pm

Saturday                               9.30am - 5pm



+44 1905 28993

Africology @ You Boutique, 25 Friar Street, Worcester, WR1 2NA