Africology is South Africa’s leading skincare and lifestyle brand and stepping into the Worcester store, is like embarking on a journey into the country’s vast apothecary of indigenous plants and essential oils.  The shop showcases the very best of the brand. From effective mind and body therapies, which feature the restorative powers of African plants and oils, to the soulful aromatherapy candles, gifts, and home & travel scents. 

At YOU we are privileged to be representing Africology in the UK and we look forward to welcoming you to our store so you can sample some of our favourite bespoke and beautiful products.  Under the guidance of Judy Owen, who has many years experience in natural organic beauty, you will be assured of expert help and advice on these unique products.



Currently closed until 3rd December



+44 1905 28993

Africology @ You, 25 Friar Street, Worcester, WR1 2NA


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