Renchia DroganisRenchia Droganis | Founder & CEO

Metaphysical therapist, healer and innovator, Renchia Droganis is CEO and founder of Africology. Informed by years of research, scientific studies and her natural healer’s intuition, Renchia has created an authentic spa range comprising of organic, fair trade and ethically-formulated products.

Our story is one of devotion and passion. It is due to this passion that Renchia has often been considered a botanical alchemist, her soul devoted to healing. Today she continues that ethos and formulates her spa wellness products with consciousness.

Her success was born from a place of despair, from a time when Renchia did not know where her next meal was coming from. When overwhelming debt clouded her days and stole away her sleep. From this place of despair, Renchia manifested a journey of growth, combining her inherent love of healing with the determination to create an authentic business that would uplift herself and those around her 

Having worked for 15 years as a metaphysical counsellor, Renchia has a profound understanding of the interaction between body and mind. She started her career as a life coach and holistic healer for leading South African companies. She has also worked together with state prosecutors to help empower victims to find the mental strength to testify in court.

After she trained as a Reiki master and aromatherapist, she incorporated homemade, bespoke skincare products containing essential oils in her therapies, which proved to be very beneficial to her clients. Her intuitive skills play an important role in selecting ingredients. Compelled to incorporate metaphysical concepts to her manufacturing space, she continues to work with energetic frequencies and crystals. The power of meditation is never neglected, and her staff fully embrace the value of meditation when mixing and blending. 

Renchia is deeply committed to empowering consumers and helping them make conscious choices, while honouring the universe, Nature and its intelligence. Based on years of research, she has an in-depth knowledge about the chemicals used in cosmetics and the effect they have on the human body. Thus her authenticity is expressed in the Africology manufacturing ethos.

The truth is, as she always says, is that cosmetics can either harm or heal. As such, she prefers to formulate all-natural skin and body products that are holistic. Business has taught her that money comes and money goes, but integrity remains. What goes into the formulations comes from a place of integrity, which means much more expensive ingredients, but also far superior products.

Being a healer, she continues to create spa treatments with the intention to do good, rather than just creating a transient pampering experience. Her expertise in designing spa treatments is sought out by many new spa developments.