Today, we are South Africa’s leading spa brand, but once upon a time, Africology existed only in Renchia’s heart.
Helping to heal victims of our past through therapy and self-empowerment exercises has been a prominent chapter in Renchia’s life, and while she worked closely with traditional healers, she often visited outlying and forgotten areas where peace and harmony was much needed. In one of her life coaching sessions, Renchia was assigned to work with a man who was very angry and about to harm others. During their counselling session, a deep understanding unfolded, and she knew in her heart that forgiveness is the key to freedom. Not only in forgiving a perpetrator, but the self as well. She came to understand the pain and the driving forces behind the man’s behaviour and his violent tendencies.

That moment of intense forgiveness became her blessing. 

And so began her mission to share the wisdom gained during that session, inspiring her to share her homemade creations. They were to become her messengers for healing and reconciliation. Renchia wanted to create something that would help people become conscious of their own scripts and inner dialogue, and how they create pain on an unconscious level. A product that would not harm. Something that was kind and holistic to the Earth, something that was born of wisdom and manifested with kindness. This ‘something' became Africology. Today, her intention to do good has manifested in a globally-recognised range that features in some of the best hotels and spas in the world.

There is a scent distinct to Africology, one that has its roots tracing back to the days when Renchia used to do healing work in her studio at home. It is often instantly recognised by people when near an Africology spa or store. Many have tried to copy it, yet the spirit of her soul is embedded in that scent, and imitators can never replicate the magic of her intentions. Together with her son Christos, she continues to create exquisite fragrance blends for private labels and hotels. Today, all four of her children have a part to play in the business. Collectively, they are inspired to formulate luxurious, natural and eco-friendly products, fragranced with only pure essential oils.

From her humble beginnings mixing her blends in her kitchen, Renchia’s team now produces well over 10 tons of certain product lines, with new products being introduced throughout the year. With passion in her heart and a clear, powerful vision for the future, Africology now distributes to over 350 five-star spas. Africology continues to be Africa’s leading natural beauty and skincare brand.