Alchemy Perfume


Harnessing the fresh and revitalising fragrances emanating from some of our favourite flowers and spices, we’ve alchemized pure plant ingredients into a beautifully scented elixir that radiates the essence of light, grace and enduring warmth.

Simplicity – elevated into pure Alchemy
Our skillful perfumer transformed Black Pepper into heart notes of Clove and Rose, letting it linger a little while longer before transmuting this delicate palette into the multifaceted base note of Oud. Laced with a perfect hint of Patchouli, it was then gently toned down to an Amber Vanilla base. 

Alchemy is alive with the universal energies of this captivating selection of plants, spices, wood and flowers, and each note plays its part in the creation of a scent that is natural, new, knowing and divine – an awakening for the senses, bringing new light.

* This clean, fresh fragrance is vegan and gluten-free.  Enriched with Rooibos Tea extracts

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