Body Scrub & Body Soak

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Body Scrub
A blend of walnut and marula shell powder is used to gently exfoliate. It contains sunflower oil, rich in linolenic acid, vitamins A, B complex, D & E as well as calcium, zinc, potassium, iron and phosphate. All these contribute to the general well- being of the cell membrane. Aloe ferox extract and marula oil help to create a smooth, soft and refreshing finish.

Body Soak
Nurturing and nourishing, our bath soak is filled to the brim with healing ingredients and relaxing flower oils to ensure a deeply restorative experience. Ideal for times of stress, it allows you to take time out and enjoy a soothing ritual that calms the mind, balances the soul, and allows the senses to be uplifted.

We’ve specially selected yucca for this formulation because of its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits – it is widely used to effectively treat conditions like migraines, hypertension, arthritis and colitis. Yucca is also a rich source of valuable nutrients like vitamins B and C, as well as iron and calcium.

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