Heart Chakra Candle



Heart Chakra


I know and feel the love that makes us all one: I choose to open my heart and to love with bravery and endless light.

I choose to stand with others against cruelty and injustice, knowing that love will give us the guidance and strength to tackle all that threatens us.

We thrive on Ubuntu, on shared love and the joy of family, friendship and community in all its forms.


Our body’s energy pathways, otherwise known in Sanskrit as “Chakras”, are metaphysically interpreted as our database of each thought, emotion or memory of an experience. These are recorded not only in our cells, but stored in our Chakras. The state of each Chakra also reflects the health of our endocrine system.

The Africology Chakra candles are made up of seven different scents. Skilfully blended essential oils are combined to represent each Chakra.

Environmentally safe, each candle has a luxurious base of shea butter.

It is our intention to create a sensory and physical experience that brings a sense of calm. Select the colour or smell from each chakra candle then see how the interpretation relates to your life lesson and how this is expressed in your body as an uneasiness. Remember, your biography becomes your biology.

*Free from soya as individuals with thyroid and other health problems should not be massaged with soya.*

Brow Chakra: Bergamot




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