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Africology offers luxury, natural and eco-friendly body, skincare and lifestyle product ranges, fragranced only with pure essential oils. From humble beginnings in a small Johannesburg kitchen, Africology is fast growing into a well-respected international brand.  We are an ethical company committed to fair trade while respecting the earth and supporting local communities.

I apply the Renewing Facial Serum each night before moisturising. I love the calming fragrance and the way it hydrates my skin.

Don't be fooled by the richness of the moisturiser, once applied, it absorbs quickly, feels light and visibly gives your skin a glow.

I've yet to come across a moisturiser that provides a better base for makeup and I've tried most of the quality brands over the years.

I had been having problems with cleansers leaving my skin feeling taut and dry. Africology’s Hydrating Cleansing Lotion, however, leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturised.  A minor miracle!

The Night Cream has done wonders for my skin. It has never been so hydrated. This product is a definite keeper.

I’ve been using the Sleep Gel for a couple of weeks and have noticed a definite improvement in my sleep patterns. I’ve even enjoyed a few uninterrupted full nights’ sleep.

I love Africology’s Skin Hydrating Oil. My skin improved immediately - smooth without red or greasy patches. I am really impressed.

Africology’s Moisturiser has the texture of whipped buttercream! My skin absorbs it really well.

I have totally fallen in love with the Anti-Reactive Tonic. I spray it directly onto my face twice a day and it is heaven, smells divine and feels amazing. I am addicted.

I've been using the Hydrating Cleansing Lotion for a couple of months. Not only does it deeply cleanse my skin, I'm convinced the wonderful aroma of the essential oils is helping me sleep better.

I love spritzing the Rose Absolute Tonic on my face after I've cleansed, it smells so fresh!

I use the Anti-Oxidant Serum every morning under my Africology Moisturiser. It has a lovely fruity, fresh smell and has definitely improved my skin tone.

As I have quite dry skin, I mix a few drops of Renewing Facial Therapy serum into the Anti-Oxidant Masque before applying. After rinsing off, I apply Africology Night Cream and the next morning my skin looks amazing.

Since using Africology products I’ve noticed a real improvement in the appearance of my skin. I’m prone to breakouts, which makes me wary of using moisturisers. The Africology moisturiser has not only improved the texture of my skin, it’s done it without blocking my pores.

Such a calming fragrance, the Night Cream seems to feed my skin overnight - it's so smooth when I wake up in the morning.

It’s great using a product which is ethical and animal cruelty-free, thank you Africology.

The Exfoliating Cream smells amazing. I love the way it smooths my skin so it absorbs the moisturiser better. My foundation looks better since I started using this.

I love the natural scent and textures of these products. My skin feels amazing!